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'I have worked with Beth many times over the last 6+ years, and every time we do her special mix of SRT and counseling, I am immediately at ease energetically, feel happier and often have insightful 'homework' to do.  The difficulty around situations we were focusing on would just dissolve.  Amazing.  I recommend her highly' 
Josie - Photographer/Astrologer, Los Angeles

I have enjoyed working with Beth Richardson over the years. Beth takes a calm approach to listening, problem solving and clearing. I often refer her to my friends and family by saying she is counseling and she is real. The difference between working with Beth and a counselor I think, is she provides the suggestions, tools, imagery and clearing. She does not judge and she is always helpful. You always feel better after talking to her. She helps you better understand yourself and the universe, she is loving and kind and although I have not met her in person, I would consider her a friend and a resource. She is simply; inspiration, understanding, honor and respect. I will continue to recommend her to my family, friends and colleagues. Blessings to all of you who are searching. Beth can help, thank you. 
Kellie - Mom, Business Woman, and Author, Washington State

I have worked with Beth several times over the years. To be honest, I was skeptical at first, my friend encouraged me to call and within a few minutes I knew I was being helped. Beth has guided me and brought me to a level of understanding, compassion and self belief that I did not know before. I have come to appreciate the clearing process and although I may not talk to Beth for months, when I do it is as if no time has lapsed. I had a best friend with four legs, and when our girl left this life, Beth was there to give me peace and calmness and to remind me I would remember the joy instead of the heartache in time. I would recommend Beth to anyone seeking clearing, spiritual counseling and understanding. I am so very grateful to have her in my life!  
Rose - Mom, Grandma, Business Woman, Washington State

Beth has the ability to apply a whole spectrum of healing.  She can be concise and to the point as well or offer well paced guidance when our very human selves needs time to process and release.  All is offered with humor, understanding and graciousness.  She is well grounded in knowing who we REALLY are, and brings us back to that awareness and the one place where all healing can occur.  I am very grateful for her encouragement and support in my life.
Suzanne - Mom, Business Woman, Colorado
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