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 Guiding Principles
I am here to remember who I really am and that is an eternal being of pure spirit expressing thorough a physical body.  My expression in "this now" is in no way inferior to any other expression in any other realm or dimension.
I am here in “this now” to ascend to greater spiritual understanding and higher consciousness.
My purpose is to serve.  It does not matter how I serve, so long as I do so with compassion and non-judgment.
Separation from Source/SPIRIT/God is an illusion.  I am you, and you are me.  Together, along with everything in creation, we are Source/SPIRIT/GOD.
I create my own reality, and as such am not capable of being a victim.  I am a powerful creator.  I can choose to create with Love and Light or with Fear and Darkness.  Fear and Darkness are not real in and of them self but are only the absence of Love and Light.  It takes very little Love and Light to transform Fear and Darkness  . . . but there is no such thing as using too much Light!

As long as I hold energy on something, I continue to have to deal with it. Events do not create negative energy, it is the emotion I attach to the event that creates a "negative charge".  That negative charge is amplified by limiting beliefs, perceptions, and judgments, and perpetuated by continuing to tell negative stories. 
Everything is Divine Order. Anything that looks to me like evil or chaos is based on my limited human perspective or ego based judgment. Nothing happens on an individual or global basis that is not planned for, or allowed by, the soul(s) of those involved. I am not here to judge, but rather to make my own discerning choices and offer service based in love and compassion. 
I have access to higher spiritual guidance.  So does everyone else.  I choose to work with the guidance known as my “higher self” and select masters, committees, councils and angels of the highest vibrational order and no other.
I heal no one.  I simply hold space and facilitate whatever healing takes place.  I help people identify what is holding them back and clear the energy but only they can choose to change.  Everyone has a right to heal at their own pace in their own way . 

(With gratitude to and acknowledgment of Kathryn Hamilton-Cook.)

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