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(360) 923-4711

Because there is no time or space in SPIRIT, most work is done via phone or e-mail but if you are in western Washington State, you may call to schedule an in-person sessions.

Or contact us below.  When writing, think about the following but please be brief.

  • Current life crises: major negative issues and people or places involved.
  • Health problems: any phobias, allergies or past, present, persistent, or recurring physical difficulties.
  • Finances, career, and creativity:challenges current and repeated cycles blocking your prosperity.
  • Relationships:  persistent or long standing difficult relations with parents, siblings, mate/s, children, boss or others.
  • Esteem:  confidence and self image status, recurring emotional difficulties or addictions.

Beth is also interested in any general comments, questions, or observations you may have and look forward to hearing from you

Blessings and Light,

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