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Ceremonies and Celebrations

Ceremony and Ritual can serve as rites of passage and provide a focus and anchor for landmark events.  They can be as unique and varied as the individuals involved.

Beth Richardson is a compassionate, ethical and professional interfaith minister of light, a wedding minister, celebrant, and officiant who will work hard to ensure that your ceremony is a rewarding and memorable event that is a blessing to all.
New Soul Welcoming
-- Babies cleared, blessed, and dedicated to the Greater Good

-- Adopted children cleared, welcomed, blessed and dedicated to the Greater Good

-- Animals too!

Engagements and Handfastings
-- Couples cleared, blessed and dedicated to supporting each other and the Greater Good

-- Traditional
-- Non-traditional
-- Official and Un-official

House Blessing
-- Homes cleared, blessed and dedicated to the Greater Good
-- Businesses too

--Peaceful Partings for couples
-- Business partners
     (May involve one celebrant or many)

Soul Passings
-- Family
-- Friends
-- Pets
    All with a focus on life rather than loss

The Fees and Services
Simple ceremonies and blessings are negotiable and vary greatly in time involved and consequently in cost. 

All events include SRT Clearing, a get-to-know-you meeting, planning sessions, ceremony wording or assistance writing your own.  

  • Extended travel or necessary overnight stays to be negotiated prior to engagement.

Weddings include the above plus early arrival for the signing and witnessing of the marriage license, performance of the ceremony and mailing of the marriage license to the appropriate county clerk for official recording, and the mailing of a copy to the new couple.

  • License fee – that required by the county or state
  • Wedding rehearsal

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