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Ascend Within - Find yourself - Find joy in The Now!

What do you desire?
Prosperity and Abundance
Harmonious Relationships
Health and Wholeness

Ascend Within is not about mystic magic fixes, psychic voyureism, or fortunetelling.  It is a loving integration of Clearing, Energy Healing, New Awareness, Mindfulness, and Transpersonal Coaching.

Ascend Within is about identifying, unhooking from, and clearing out the “stuff” that no longer serves us.  It is about being happy now, rather than being happy when.

Ascend Within is not about religion, dogma, or belief systems.  It’s about connecting with the divine and remembering who you really are and why you are here. 

Ascend Within is my commitment to serve by offering loving support to you on your own journey within. 

Rev. Beth Richardson
Intuitive, Dowser, SRT Consultant*, Spiritual Restructuring Practitioner*, Transpersonal Coach, Minister**, Soul Therapist**, Doctor of Metaphysics**

The answers you seek aren’t “out there” or “up there.”
They are within you in the spaces between the spaces
and the silence between the sounds.

I invite you to join with me and Ascend Within today.

All people and all faiths honored and respected.

*Spiritual Response Association, **Universal Life Church

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